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Why airline stewardess must have high academic qualifications to

Why airline stewardess must to be young and beautiful high education yesterday (21) day, East Star Airlines Lairong enrol 60 airline stewardess, first day 500 people signed up for, the recruitment of &quot beautiful appearance; " in the first row, a postgraduate degree Miantan.
According to East Star Airlines, airline stewardess treatment is in 5000 yuan of above. East Star Airlines General Director of General Office of Jin Zhiming, they chose the first airline stewardess is pretty standard, both handsome face,Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals searching for, thin, have good affinity to the girls.
Secondly, the age must be in 18 to 22 years between, have stronger language to convey ability. This action airline stewardess degree threshold of lower demand, a high school diploma can participate in.
This time they recruited 60 airline stewardess, high school will occupy 1 / 3, college education accounted for 1 / 3, undergraduate education accounted for 1 / 3, and the graduate degree is no way, " educated girl not comfortable, practical,XTB exclusive health assessment the euro zone to reduce systemic risk, always feel put fine timber to petty use, job hopping probability, low degree girl is relatively stable.
&quot airline stewardess; the work is very simple, it is important to have love, kind-hearted,Jeremy Scott Adidas, warm, friendly,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, love to help people. Therefore, without the need for a higher degree. Of course, if the airline stewardess have rich knowledge,http://adidasjeremyscottfr.com/, it is certainly a good thing.
But, onlyTo airline stewardess duties as airline stewardess, the job does not require a higher degree. As airline stewardess must not be young, it's different. Although airline stewardess's work on the plane, but the foreign airline stewardess,Adidas Jeremy Scott, and is not a young beautiful.
In fact, I am a month in the United States, and throughout the United States, flying numerous, is often just got off the plane and the plane, but do not see the beautiful young airline stewardess, instead of 40 or 50 years old old woman.
Therefore, we did not used, but also think it is very good. Because, good airplane service work, the importance of experience, it is important to understand that young. People in understanding exists very big deviation, lack of experience makes it even more.
In fact, the reason is very simple. One is in the past, China Airlines plane is very small, is to have a level. Service level, certainly need to have the level of people to be good to hear or see feeling.
Beautiful young that are preferred. The emperor also platforms, on the plane to see the beautiful young girl of the requirements in their view is not too much. That is, to recruit young beautiful stewardess became the airline said first airline stewardess, thinking.
The first is to think of the young, is beautiful, is to let people look uncomfortable. It lasted, I will change, I'm afraid after 2050. Why is that time can change? This is what I want to say second issues, namely the Chinese employment employment employment is a crowded now.
Big trouble. It doesn't matter, no remarkable individual ability, to find a satisfying job is very difficult,Jeremy Scott Adidas, and there are so many university graduates graduation to join the ranks of the unemployed, become " low " recipients.
In fact, high degree does not necessarily mean high knowledge and high ability. So many students recycled recycling is illustrated. In the job to become a seller's market condition, the airline provided some of the benefit of their terms,Just my boyfriend gave me the message, let my heart go, not excessive, " educated girl not comfortable, practical, always feel put fine timber to petty use, job hopping probability, low degree of the girls are relatively stable.
" 2050 is a watershed. From this year onwards, Chinese population from the peak gradually declined, employment may not be a big problem, instead of labor supply will become a problem. Therefore,

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