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The complete handbook of studying in Korea

Korean students studying the complete handbook of Korea is the neighbor of China ,is a state of ceremonies in Northeast Asia .Between China and South Korea have three thousand years of history of communication ,the Korean cultural arts ,customs ,many places and China closer.
Since 1992 since the establishment of diplomatic relationsbetween China and South Korea ,cultural exchange and trade exchanges have become increasingly frequent ,the people of South Korea has further understanding ,today in South Korea of Chinese students is about 3000.
Practice shows ,Korea is Chinese students studying abroad one of the good place .South Korea Korea Korean name for the Republic of Korea ,located in Northeast Asia, east of the sea of Japan ,South and west by Japan ,and China across the sea ,surrounded on three sides by the sea ,an area of about 222 ,154 squarekilometers .
Temperate monsoon climate ,four seasons obviously .South Korea is not only a scenic tourist country ,is an economic powerhouse. Its economic level in the forefront in Asia ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,as the eleventh largest trading nation in the world ,which has a semiconductor ,shipbuilding ,computer products ,automobile manufacturing ,textile ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,household electrical and other fields of many world famous enterprises.
Commercial ,agricultural development ,agricultural economy in proportion of 10% .Industrial system integrity ,industrial structure as a knowledge and technology intensive .South Korea China is one of the major countries of technology introduction .
South Korea is committed to develop the Chinese market, investment in China increased year by year .South Korea education system and the system of Korean school system for 6 years of primary school,middle school ,high school for 3 years ,returning to the university into the year.
In addition ,there are between 2 and 3yearsof college and University ,a graduate course in higher education institutions of higher learning .In South Korea by general university ,industry ,education ,College University University University University University of technology ,radio communication ,composed of.
Higher education institutions established, designed to teach all knowledge based theory and promote the world to show the desired application theory ,cultivation of talents as the leader .
General university study life is 4 years ,( in) Medical University for 6 years. College University College University of length of schooling for 2 to 3 years,established since 1979 sincecollege university ,to 2000 ,a total of 158 specialistUniversity .
Among them, 16arenational ,public ,private 142.College University the purpose is to develop theory and practical technology of complete mid-level technical personnel .College university education curriculum has engineering ,Spring training,agriculture ,fisheries science ,nursing science ,home economics ,social welfare Work ,energy and so on.
Department of nursing ,clinical science ,Department of Radiology ,Faculty of fisheries ,engineering, and the length of study is 3 years,remaining for 2 years.The general university throughout the length of schooling of 4 years of general university has a total of 198.
Medical ,medicine, dentistry at the University of the length of study is 6years.Most of the university provides a semester course of 24 credits ,graduates need a minimum of 140 credits of each university .
According to their own internal situation ,study ,graduation credits prescribed the minimum required credits ,each semester to study basic credit or credit ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000 and vice versa,special credit study method and limit conditions ,school preparatory course credits required for .
Education is divided into basic courses and professional courses ,two subjects divided into elective courses and required courses .High school foreign students ,aged 18 to 25 years old,by Korean band three test ,can apply for a bachelor in Korean professional postgraduate education .
Many Korean University offers master graduate courses ,and in the best of several university opened in the GSIS business graduate courses ,all courses with English teaching .Teachers are from the world Famous universities such as Harvard University ,Yale University ,Stanford University ,University of Cambridge ,and in their respective areas of expertise have a doctorate degree.
GSIS not only has 100 mantraemployment records, but the student also has to the international organizations ,foreign enterprises and other employment opportunities. With an undergraduate degree in foreign students ,ages 18 to 27 years old,through the Korean three or TOEFL score of 550 ,readable graduate with a master .
Foreign students ,no age restrictions ,the Korean three or TOEFL score of 550 ,can apply for doctoral programs .If studying of science and engineering master ,most are free of charge. Korea University Korean major university :National Seoul University ,Yonsei University ,Korea University ,National University ,national An Dong University ,National University ,national Busan University, Beijing kettle ,Kunsan National University ,National University ,Chonnam National University ,National University ,national Changwon University ,Sogang University ,Dan Kook University ,Dongguk University ,Wright State University ,Kyunghee University ,success university ,Hankuk University of foreign studies ,Sung Kyun Kwan University ,Hanyang University ,Busan foreign language University ,Ewha woman ,Seoul female .
The general Korean best recognized in three university is Seoul University ,Korea University ,Yonsei University. This three university can be said to hold up half the sky of South Korean higher education .
Followed by Sung Kyun Kwan University and Hanyang University. Chinese students to read the first three university ,need three Korean above and professional examination ,generally accepted success rate is not high .
Language college tuition is expensive ,but hold language visa if the student cannot get delay in Korea ,only to return to the application. KyungHee university ranking of tenth, it has a very famous professional :Tourism and hotel professional business .
At present the University language school for Chinese students ,but to be admitted to university ,it requires more than three Korean and comprehensive examination. Ren He Daxue is in science and technology ,focus on the cultivation of graduate students of the University, which had three consecutive years was selected as the best university in Korea .
Centre College is a comprehensive university ,comprehensive rankings to eleventh place ;the school of University of the Arts in Korea is come first on the list .Our students studying in Korea ,best National University ,because they are subject to government Funding ,low-cost ,easy to get the scholarship and tuition waiver .
Study Han Guoxian had the language barrier as mentioned before ,only through the Korean level three or above (including three ) examination ,can apply for Korea bachelor above (including undergraduate professional exam ) .
Korean Proficiency Test KPT Korean students in China .In the year nine ,twelve month in Peking University and Shanghai International Studies University ,attending at the KPT exam. If you do not pass ,can go to Korea University Korean Language Center tutor ,home school graduates and equivalent may apply for Korean research .
In the language training after the end, can with the domestic education for Korean bachelor undergraduate ,graduate students ,college continued or PhD .In addition ,some South Korean university is also provided with a full English teaching graduate and doctoral students professional ,direct recruitment of excellent foreign students ,does not need the Korean success, as long as the TOEFL or IELTS can .
Korean students studying the approximate costs of South Korea has yet to use education as &quot &quot ;industry ;to do so ,the relative cost of Europe and the United States ,Japan and other countries and regions of relatively low undergraduate ,every year .
Tuition and living expenses add up to about 5 to 60000yuan( National University 20000 yuan,and easy to get for scholarship and tuition fee ) ,1 years ofoverhead ceiling not more than 80000 yuan RMB.
South Korea to students looking for work without limitations ,students can use cold summer vacation is about 5 monthsfull-time work, on one hand can be largely supports tuition ,can also contact the society, enjoy the unique culture and traditions ,from which to draw nutrients .
It is important to note ,work is not excessive .To study overseas ,put a lot of time spent in the job ,to the class when terribly fatigued ,influence the quality of learning, is the loss outweighs the gain.
.South Korea and domestic alike, to go abroad is mainly studied ,reasonable planning of learning and working time ,and South Korea consumer on the whole is not high ,not to make money and have the order reversed .
For Korean students working to restaurants ,good looking ,but the treatment is low ,each hour salary 3000,4000 won.Work hard .That miniature convenience store supermarket workers ,mainly responsible for the cash register and look after the goods ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,pay and restaurant almost, can experience the Korean The daily life of people ,learning the language ,but also more difficult.
To the local labor market application ,the daily work for eight hours ,the settlement of wages, usually the site to provide early afternoon ,two meals every day ,pay 5 to60000 won,this work is suitable for male students.
As a tutor ,teaching two classes a week ,each time l hours ,to students at home or to the designated locations to give lessons, pay per hour to 2 .5 to30000 won.Such as the do 2 to 3tutor,student life can pay all costs.
As tutor ,student without the burden of teaching ,relaxed ,free time ,income ,and to ensure there is enough time to learn ,it is work is the best choice. Korean society many into repair learning class ,in foreign language classes ,Chinese has become the most popular courses except English ,need a large number of Chinese lecturers.
Return is also good ,a month can have more than 1000000 woncompensation ,working hours per day for 5 to 6 hours.There is certain Korean foundation ,South Korean understanding of all aspects of knowledge ,to travel as a part-time tour guide ,income is considerable.
In the holiday period, to the Ministry of overseas companies to work for a period of time ,one can have the stable income ,on the other hand, may understand the experience of South Korean company and Two classes of life .
Monthly income in 80 to 1000000South Koreanwon .The general situation of Korea scholarship scholarship is divided into the following two kinds: one kind is university scholarship ;a government scholarship .
Korea University scholarship to study achievement is outstanding person can enjoy a university scholarship. The amount of visual learning and specific measures for pet and the University contact ,consultation.
The South Korean government scholarship by South Korea and students of cultural exchange agreement signed to Korean students ,can enjoy the Korean Ministry of education and human resource development to provide scholarship .
Enjoy a government scholarship and Kuang Sunsheng in the political ,economic and other fields ,in order to enhance and related to the world ,to enhance appropriate, make contribution for Korean government scholarship .
His professional Korean studies ,Humanities / social science ,all the subjects. The South Korean government scholarship students course ,PhD ,master of research .The South Korean government scholarship eligible applicants must be signed with Korea cultural exchange agreement country citizen ;for in the same year September 1st is accurate, not more than 40 years of age ,but the research for no age restrictions ;physical health ;Shanghai Please time until August 31st ,pursuing a master or research ,must have a bachelor or above graduate degree, PhD ,must have a master degree ;finally graduated school average in all the 20 mantra;speak Korean or English ;in South Korea did not enjoy the same kind of scholarship ;to enhance the friendship between the two countries to contribute ;research applicants ( 1or 6 months),after South Korea Research Institute ,university or the approval of relevant departments .
The South Korean government scholarship include: international air tickets ,living expenses ,tuition ,fees ,fees ,home of sink cost ,language learning cost ,paper printing costs and insurance premiums Korean government scholarship students .
Selection methods :Embassy of the Republic of Korea through the student recommendation and cooperation ,in line with the students raising conditions ,a preliminary selection of scholarship ;foreign institutions will choose scholarship students ,through the Ministry of foreign affairs and trade to the Institute for International Education recommended ;Institute for International Education through International Education Exchange Association examination and approval, defining scholarship winners ,and after the Korean Ministry of education and human resource development and the Ministry of foreign affairs and trade ,notification to the relevant departments .
Studying abroad Korea Republic visa ( 1)the C-3 language study visa applicants if the language education institute to learn Korean ,can apply for the C3 visa ( Tourist :Visa or General Short-term Visa ) or D4 visa( Short m time Student :V1sa ) .
If prepared in the language education school for one term ,to the South Korean embassy ( or consulate ) to apply for residence for a period of three months of C3 visa ,and can directly obtain a visa .
Visa if C3 in Koreaextension ,to the immigration office sign for D4 or D2,the condition is :students in the learning period attendance rate of over 80% .( 2)D-4 language visaif you want in the language education school or above ,it is best to apply in South Korea can be extended to D4 visa .
Embassy in Korea ( or consulate ) apply for D4 visas to obtain a visa takes about one month .Visa needs material :passport ,identity card ,school certificate ,visa issued license .Hold D4 visa students during the class the absence of two weeks or more, visa cancelled automatically.
( 3)D-2 student visa applicants to in Korea college or university or research ,to the South Korean embassy ( consulate ) or law The Treasury Department to apply D M 2 student visa( Student Visa ) .
D M 2 in South Koreavisa can get visa extension .The required material applying for a visa passport ,identity card ,visa :issued license .( 4)the period of residence visa extension extension, should go to the South Korean Ministry of Justice immigration management application for extension required .
Materials: passport ,identity card ,issued by the foreign school in school certificate ,notarized identity guarantee ,and from overseas pay tuition and living expenses proof material (which can be proved from overseas payment bank account ,or foreign currency for the bank issued currency currency purchase certificates ) ,as well as other the Department of justice immigration office requested materials .
( 5)identity guarantee certificate to obtain a visa, must be a Korean identity guarantee .The identity of guarantor must be living in Korea have occupation adults. Identity guarantee style can receive college .
( 6)visa issuing license by living in Korea the occupation of adults or school to provide corporate identity security certificate ,and the identity of the guarantor in the Department of justice immigration office for Chinese applicants to apply for a visa issued by Xu .
( 7)foreigners ID holder D M 2 and Dm4 visaChinese in Korea residence for 90 days ( three months) above, should be at the entry of Korea 90 daysto the location of the Department of justice immigration office to apply for and obtain the alien identity .
If in 90 days did not apply for foreigners identity card ,must pay a penalty .Foreigners to apply for identity cards required materials are :passport ,certificate or certificate in school .
How to solve the Korean students accommodation Korean university campus dormitory rarely ,only a few students can live in the school dormitory .Therefore ,university around the house ,most are open to the students with one or two floors .
The landlord rented to students living ,each layer of 4 to7 rooms,every room 5 to 7square metres,indoor nothing ,for furniture ,appliances and other from households own preparation, monthly rent 250000 to100000 won.
The floor is equipped with toilet ,washroom and kitchen ,can cook too .By the early ,Adidas Porsche Design,late two meals ,meal monthly 70000 won.Two flat-share room quite economical ,average monthly 150000 won,including two meals each morning and evening ,around 250000 won .
South Korea is also provided with a micro Type unit room ,room area 6 to 10square metres,indoor have the independent toilet and gas stove ,24 hourssupply hot water ;interior is equipped with a simple furniture ,such as bed ,bookcase ,desk, desk ,color TV sets and refrigerators by tenants to purchase their own .
Such housing ,Jogging what time,is the best conditions for a ,therefore ,the rent was the highest, in general a month in 300000 to 400000 won,and a sexual intercourse to the deposit of 140000 Han ,off-hire ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,the landlord a full refund the deposit.
10 squaremeters room, two people can rent flat-share ,but rose 10 to 15%.And Korean families share a unit room ,shared bathroom and kitchen, cost and hire school around the houses almost.
Study items carried by Koreans love to eat kimchi, taste spicy barbecue ,more ,less water .The restaurant table is always uniform kimchi ,kelp ,bean sprouts dish ,thousand ,four cold dishes ,add cabbage pork barbecue or chafing .
Koreans don to put MSG and parsley ,so will feel cold meal to eat. Can carry some pepper, star anise ,cinnamon and other spices ,cook their own food .In addition ,Korea is a state of ceremonies ,pay more attention to etiquette .
Do in Rome as Rome does. &q &quot ;Uot ;outside alone ,for students is to respect the local etiquette .In addition ,the need to carry items are :1,clothes ,shoes .Suggestions bring sweaters ,jeans ,boots and a raincoat .
In addition to South Korea sports shoes ,sportswear and casual wear, price moderate ,most expensive, dress / suit more expensive ,students can prepare some formal wear suit .2,book .With several of the Korean ,Korean dictionary ,dictionary of English ,but also with the introduction of tourist attractions in China book to foreign friends to introduce Chinese places of historic interest and scenic beauty ,so that the language learning 3,have a great effect.
Medicine. Body is not healthy people should always take their medicine ,to buy time to buy recently outputs ,in order to avoid a long time expired. In addition ,also take some cold medicine ,analgesic ,antipyretic ,diarrhea medicine and emergency medicine.
4,other .Other things to take a camera ,calculator ,alarm clock ,Chinese traditional souvenirs ,stationery ,simple proof according to .Just go right to use such as a toothbrush ,toothpaste ,skin care products ,but also to bring .
South Korea compared to China ,the price to your 5 to 10 times.In addition ,the Korean international broadband Net in most developed countries ,especially Seoul, the Internet is very convenient ,popularity rate is very high .

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