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Wednesday, 30-May-2012 01:58 Email | Share | Bookmark
The Democratic Progressive Party take spell an election strength

Taiwan's "United Daily News" published an editorial Monday said, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party of six and a half years, Taiwan economy remain stagnant, even in backwards. During this period, the large capitalist to seek a quarrel and home, small businesses have closed down the factory, people on the island of Taiwan unemployment from manufacturing industry and service industry to culture and middle-level cadre, many were forced to move west.
When the long residence in mainland China Taiwanese approximation million,Adiads Porsche Design,I am the sun under the snow, which obviously is not a subjective imagination, it is objective situation. In the framework of globalization, cross-strait situation changes, has not only on both sides of the contest, but a global, also be all-around competition.
When the global enterprises are on the move to mainland China, but Taiwan it restricted enterprise landing, restrictive cross-strait exchanges, the result is in vain, pushing Global trade artery path.
Even the DPP &quot independence theory; " Lin Cho-Shui, say, " now has no reason to reverse three, the authorities should have new thinking of cross-strait policy; the " only the native " " &quot, &quot love; Taiwan; talking about politicians, can open your eyes have a look around the world? The DPP authorities in recent years frequently launched hundreds of billion (NT) large project, the nameKnown and content are beautiful and stately.
The problem is,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, many plans were designed for election and improvisation,Introduction to Philosophy of how to use the method of dialectics. [transfer], empty packaging and imagination, some because of the lack of execution of give up halfway, some capital to throw but cannot play the expected effect.
This is the Democratic Progressive Party finance decision most serious " window phenomenon: a snippet, " speculative type construction concept,www.deadidasporschedesign.com, but not the complete self realization,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, the ability of decision making puzzles.
Including before the election, raise a Babel of criticism of the relaxation of enterprise investment in mainland China, selected after the Democratic Progressive Party legislator " " immediately change, is said to want to open the power of " retained for use " administrative department.
Now, Monday three approved investments, had confirmed this view. Thus, not only can see Democratic Progressive Party does not think &quot " institutionalization; practice, can see its &quot state machine control; " that their own use intentions.
"Dang Ning can be sliced sausage, cross-strait policy open cut into many short slowly released, as the two eight election of &quot " benefit; broadcasting; but so selfish governance technique, how to treat Taiwan economic atrophy? Editorial points out, we must also be reminded of the Democratic Progressive Party: not wrong interpretationTaipei Kaohsiung election results, and falls into the trap of pendulum effect.
The Democratic Progressive Party of Kaohsiung ticket won more than one thousand feel ecstatic, even the Taipei one hundred and sixty thousand votes to defeat as " &quot, this is afraid is beautiful; self cognition level has been skewed.
See recently ruling party domination attitude, and they taunt Blues look, as if he is so shining, so loved by the political parties. They forget, flat authority six years achievements are not clear and scandal ridden, insurance and Kaohsiung, mainly with ingenious election technology.
" elections, not the ruling &quot party and its supporters,; of,http://deadidasporschedesign.com &quot, is a a sad thing. It has made and given to the ability to dream, but did not achieve a desired skill, only to have Taiwan idling, let public energy wasted.
The Democratic Progressive Party of Kaohsiung people are very grateful firmly,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, but can not think of Taipei citizens on it so disappointed. That Chen Shuibian campaigned in Tainan County lost won the Taipei

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